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Letter from the owner:

Dear Customers,

First off, I'd like to thank you for shopping with! I hope that you found some awesome deals during this huge sale of ours on some stuff that has been catching your eye for a while now.

I wanted to give you an update on shipping and explain why it's taken so long to get orders shipped out, and what I plan to do about it.

As you know, the sale started on the 1st. Almost as soon as the sale started multiple orders came in. By the time Friday had rolled around, almost 50 orders had come in.

I don't know how many people know this, but I'm the only one who works for PokeProducts. PokeProducts is a one man show run by me, mostly as a hobby. I enjoy bringing Pokemon into the lives of people everywhere. So when you place an order with me, I'm the one who does everything from processing payment to customer service, to posting on Facebook, to buying product and packaging up and shipping orders.

As you can imagine, this quickly overwhelmed me. To make matters worse, I ran out of shipping boxes for certain large items, especially orders that were way larger than ever anticipated. This was made worse by the Holiday weekend which meant that it was almost impossible to get boxes quickly and efficiently. I also blew a tire on the way to the post office, which was yet another issue that caused delays!

So here's the current situation: I placed an order for boxes on Friday as soon as I realized I would need them. They should be here TOMORROW, September 7th assuming all goes well with them being shipped.

I have PAUSED the store and no more orders may be placed until I've gotten caught up and all orders have been shipped out.

I am currently not issuing refunds for shipping costs at the moment, and the only reason I mention that is because I'd like to note that the average cost to ship all of these orders so far has been roughly $12.00 per order. I know delays are not fun, and I completely understand the frustration this has caused and I am sincerely sorry for the way this has played out so far.

Everyone should have their orders by Saturday, September 10th. If you have not received your order by then, you may reply to this email or contact me @

Once again, I apologize for the major delays and appreciate your patience and understanding as I work through this situation and get all orders packaged up with care and sent out as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Brandon Becker
PokeProducts Founder